Relic Match Lost Jewel Mystery

Relic Match Lost Jewel Mystery 3.05

An Addictive Puzzle-Solving Adventure

Relic Match Lost Jewel Mystery is an enticing detective game that sets you the task of retrieving a collection of stolen treasures taken from locations around town.

Through matching objects and revealing secrets, you'll be well on your way to solving the mysteries as you climb the ranks of your profession. This game is both addictive and entertaining, combining puzzle elements with an exciting sense of adventure.

Your job is to match three or more of the dozen objects available to unlock the mysteries of the crime scenes. Various items have been stolen including artefacts and priceless relics by major criminals who need to be stopped before more items are taken. You start out as a rookie detective, but you'll soon earn the respect of your colleagues as you solve more and more mysteries.

Collect silver statues, emeralds, old scrolls and many more valuable items by connecting objects in-game, utilising the power specials to help you on your way. There a several Match 3 levels that feature unique items to connect together, with no two levels being the same. You'll also be able to experience over 300 different level variants at different stages of the game and a variety of game modes.

As you progress through the adventure, you'll encounter a cast of great characters who'll help you on your journey. The crisp and colourful graphics really bring these characters to life on both tablet and phone, and you needn't rely on the internet to enjoy this game. It works without a connection, but having the internet will allow you to connect and compete with friends on an exciting leaderboard.

Relic Match Lost Jewel Mystery is overall an addictive and exciting Android game that combines a great range of game modes and levels. As you progress through the mysterious environments, it gets progressively more difficult but the rewarding features make for an enjoyable experience that'll leave you coming back for more.

Relic Match Lost Jewel Mystery


Relic Match Lost Jewel Mystery 3.05

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